Sunday, August 14, 2016

"I've got some good news & some bad news"

>> Hello Flashbacks <<

Do I sound like my mother yet? (Yes, I do) Per Kessler child usual, we'll take the bad news first so we get to end on a high note. At least there's actually good news this time... My mom used to just dish major bad news then follow up with "but the good news is I love you." 


Bad News:

  • I'm starting to get **the feels** about leaving all of my best friends for a year.
  • Summer got away from me, and I forgot to learn survival French... time to hammer on Duolingo, but it's probably too late. (10/10 would recommend Duolingo to learn a foreign language by the way)
  • Honors Scholars is going to Toronto over Fall Break, and I wish I could be in two places at once to join them because it's a place I've been dying to go with a community I love spending time with.
  • Great Books in the fall with Honors Scholars is studying 'the effect of screen culture on our lives', and there's nothing that I can do from afar to replace those stimulating conversations 
  • I need a haircut, and I HATE letting people cut my hair... (doesn't really belong on this list, but I needed to vent) 

Good News:

  • EM Strasbourg sent me information about orientation procedures, and I didn't mess up anything... It may be unwarranted, but I'm pretty proud of myself.
  • Run Away Day (fly out day, August 27th) is quickly approaching, and my biggest remaining stressor is what to pack which means I must have most of my bases covered.
  • I have an interview with Owens Corning this week, so I may land an internship for next summer before I even leave which would be clutch!
  • Habitat is going to be working with Best Friend Kelsey to organize a rivalry event between UT and BGSU, and I could not be more excited to pass on the torch working which such an outstanding organization!
  • I'm using a buddy pass with Delta to fly to France (thank you brother's best friend), so a perk of that is free additional checked luggage.  I CAN PACK LIKE A DIVA NOW, YAY! (And I might not wear my parka and boots to the airport on August 27th... bigger yay!)
  • The orientation outline I received from EM Strasbourg shows that topics like phone plans, banks, and more will be covered in our orientation information. This means I can convince my mother that I have decent reason to inform myself of some of my options, but wait until I'm in France to get  some details nailed down. 
  • Will, a hometown best friend, is likely visiting me in Strasbourg during Ohio State University's spring break! 

 Love, Julie 
"Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home"-Tyler Knott Gregson 
Can't wait to see if French crêpes top NYC's

P.s. Mom's not very sentimental, so I have to be sentimental for myself... I've been organizing some old photos, and check out these finest moments to get a glimpse into my childhood.

Big brother's come in handy here and there (: 
Our neighborhood kids loved the "fort" my dad built in our backyard, and Mom caught us taking a break from kickball for this picture. 
Every weekend of my early childhood was spent at some type of sporting event.
This is the best we could do, sorry Momma. And thanks for sewing the matching Christmas dresses. 

Murph's Camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is quite rustic, but since this picture they have added plumbing... What luxury! 
Vacations to Venice Beach, FL were great for lizard hunting, and plagued by awkward phases.

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