Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two Weeks Out

>>>Hello Crunch Time<<<

I am super good terrible about actually posting on this blog. I've written three four five  six different posts since my last, but I always let them get outdated before I do a final edit/post. Then the last one just deleted itself completely, so I'm also horribly frustrated with Blogger in general right now. Maybe blogging is a baby steps process, or maybe I just don't look at my planner enough during the summertime... weekly blog posts coming at you soon, I promise.

Either way, I have tons to share. I am leaving for Strasbourg, France in 13 days. (Ay ziggy that's so soon) 

Most of my thoughts have been focused on other priorities since my VISA appointment... In the past couple days and weeks I've...
(1) completed my internship with Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity,
(2) finished my summer course on Purchasing & Supply Management,
(3) said a number of goodbyes to close friends,
(4) started lifeguarding and managing pools again with Dayton Pool Management,
(5) and received my VISA (bless).
(6) I've also celebrated my dear friend Faith's upcoming marriage to Howard VanZant,
(7) run a 5K with my friend Collin who was running the Whitestar Triathlon, 
(8) gone to a Cincinnati Red's game with lifelong best friend, Kimmy, and her family,
(9) gotten an iPhone from Amazon to use with Free Mobile (**not free**) while I'm in France,
(10) set up a Charles Schwab account so I can use international ATM's fo free
Kimmy and I at the Red's game; thanks Mrs. Streetz for insisting on a picture!
Faith GLOWING at her bridal shower last weekend.
Moe is a lifelong friend I said goodbye to last week. Her advice from when she studied abroad: Say yes to everything!!
Collin and I with our awards after the Whitestar races a few weeks back. I'll miss him and the rest of my CBA friends!
My coworkers at Habitat were so thoughtful to celebrate my last day.
(11) Oh, I've also planned out exactly how I'll spend every day between now and August 27th...
Plans to finish out the summer:
1. Guard and manage pools for Dayton Pool Management for a couple more days. This makes five summers of lifeguarding and managing pools for DPM; I love the opportunity to get out there in the sunshine, and see a few of my favorite patrons while making a little extra travel money! 
2. Head up to Bowling Green next week  to take care business, and spend one last week with my best friends! Monday I have a meeting at Habitat where I'll introduce the staff to Kelsey (best friend/ college roommate/ pseudo-mom), so she can help them on projects throughout the year! Tuesday an old friend, Jennifer, is taking a pit stop for lunch in Bowling Green as she road trips from Detroit to St. Louis, and in the afternoon I have an interview with Owens Corning for a supply chain internship for summer 2017 (**fingers crossed**). Then Thursday and Friday I'll be working as a College of Business Student Ambassador for opening weekend activities!
I won't get a fun oversized name sign this year (Peer Leaders only), but I'm still excited for Opening Weekend activities as a Student Ambassador!
3. Then I'm up to North Lake in Michigan for the weekend to celebrate my grandma's birthday. It'll be a crazy week after that! Monday and Tuesday I'll be home to manage Moraine Country Club pool for two days. Then, I'll be back up to the lake to spend a couple days up there with my sister since she can't join us over the weekend.    
There's no place I'd rather spend my last weekend in the States!
4. Friday I'll come back home and pack up my life. Saturday I'll finish packing and tie up loose ends, and then it's off to CVG for an evening flight to Paris!
My checklist of to-do's still includes:
  1. Pack **still cringes**
  2. Set up international cell phone, bank account, etc.
  3. Plan where I'll stay when I arrive 8/28 through when I can move into my apartment 9/01
  4. Hang out with my parents (and everyone else I love) a lot because they're (all) great
  5. Grab last minute necessities like outlet converters
  6. Print off copies of documents and plane/train reservations
  7. Call banks and credit card companies to let everyone know I'll be traveling August - May 

Since my last post, I have successfully booked two airbnb reservations for 8/28 through 9/01 in Strasbourg. Two? Well, yes, that's what happens when the first host cancels your reservation because "there is a problem." I'm fairly confident Francisca and I will have a good experience with the host we ended up booking with because he has 100+ great reviews, so hopefully all the complications are just coming at us early. It's good to know that worst case scenario we can stay in a hostel.

I'm taking a high speed train from Paris to Strasbourg when I fly in. From the train station in Strasbourg, the BDI (student group I mentioned in my last post) will pick me up and take me to my airbnb. Shortly after I arrive, Francisca should be arriving, also. She and I talk over Facebook messenger and Snapchat, but I think we're both anxious/excited to actually meet each other and begin living together in Strasbourg! August 29th is the day our orientation begins, and our classes begin September 5th.

 Love, Julie "Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home"-Tyler Knott Gregson 

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