Saturday, September 3, 2016

Getting Comfortable in Strasbourg

>>>Hello La Marne<<<

I'm settling in to my new life in Strasbourg, and I'm already dreading the day I have to leave. My new friends are all so fun and kind, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to make connections with people from all over the world. Many of my closest friends so far are only here for a semester, but I've met a few awesome people who will be here for the whole year, also. 
Moving into La Marne from our airbnb went okay. I say okay because there was a period of time where Francisca was with the landlord who only speaks French (she speaks many languages but French is not one of them), and we had to enlist the help of a random in La Marne to be our translator. (THANK YOU AGAIN FRAGA, YOU SAVED US.) Otherwise, it went well. I took an Uber over to La Marne and it was definitely worth 6 euros to not try to haul my luggage across town on foot. Oh, and the French government is giving me a 90 euro/month housing subsidy, so my rent is actually much less expensive than it would have been living with my friends in Bowling Green this year. Score one for the French government. 

Welcome to My House
Our kitchenette and living space is super large for just two people!

Spacious hall closet, which will be super nice!

We have a private bathroom, which is awesome, also!

This is the bedroom Francisca and I will share!

Our desks are built in along the wall.

So basically, I'm going to love it here. This common space is more than I had to share with 5 other girls in Founders Hall back in Bowling Green, so I really feel spoiled. 

There's a lot more for me to say, but I have to go to Kehl, Germany to shop for random necessities, so it will have to wait. I'll share pictures with my friends soon!

 Love, Julie "Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home"-Tyler Knott Gregson 

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