Monday, November 28, 2016

Zurich, Switzerland

>>> Hello Zürich <<<

it wasn't exactly the day I had in mind             

A couple Saturdays ago, I headed to Zürich to see an old friend & enjoy the city

... and it was one of the greatest collisions of bad luck ever. David got super sick during the trip over, didn't sleep a bit on the overnight flights, and lost his passport. After a couple hours of visiting in Zürich, we both knew he'd be better off sleeping/low key dying at the hotel, and calling the airport/embassy to figure out what to do about the lost passport. I was hugely relieved to learn the passport was found, and he got to be feeling well enough to enjoy the rest of his time in Europe.

David and I met at Rockbridge, a Young Life camp, when we were in high school, and we've kept up ever since. That summer after my freshman year we became super close friends when all of our friends kept in touch with each other after camp, and through skype and occasional calls over the years we've managed to maintain the friendship. Whenever I'm flying into D.C., I let David and his friends know in case they're still around; we've met for lunch in the airport, and his two best friends flew out to Dayton to stay with me and my friend Hannah for a few days when we were all still in high school.
We were 14 and 16 here at Rockbridge, and now I'm a junior in college living in Europe
 and David has a real adult career. Bizarre how time flies.

For some reason Virginia to Ohio was always really hard for David and I, but for some equally confusing reason Virginia to Europe worked out to meet up. When David's friends decided to go on a Thanksgiving holiday trip to Europe, he called me, and we decided we'd meet in Zürich, Switzerland. It worked out super well for me to go to Zürich because most of my friends made a day trip to Zürich while Troy and I were in London, so this was a good opportunity for me to sneak a trip in with people who hadn't already been there.

I spent my morning hiding from the rain and studying French at a lovely cafe called Lilly Jo. After I met up with David we headed to meet his friends for lunch at a traditional Swiss restaurant called Zeughauskeller. While I would've loved to see the city with David, I still had an amazing day seeing Zürich with his friends. A huge thanks to them for including me in their day's wandering through the old town. It was really cold that day in Zürich, but we enjoyed the excuse to enjoy Swiss hot chocolate in a hole in the wall restaurant in the old town. I also laugh when I complain about the cold here because in comparison to Bowling Green, this is nothing. Next winter will be a huge wake up call for me. 

I apologize this post is barren, but I didn't take any pictures at all. I've stolen all of these from friends or the internet. Zürich is BEAUTIFUL, and I'm so glad I got to see it. Actually, everywhere I've been in Switzerland is so pretty, and the views of the mountains are so amazing to me. I know America has naturally beautiful places with views like this, but I need to find them more often. I can't wait to see Geneva in early January with my friends from home, as I've heard the views are breathtaking there, too!

Love, Jules
"Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home." - Tyler Knott Gregson
Throwback to Vingtar Gorge in Ljubljana because it's still the most beautiful

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