Monday, February 27, 2017

Small worlds, Summer Plans, and Ski Slopes

>> Hello Opportunities <<

at least three really cool things happened last week a couple weeks ago...

  • On Tuesday, I met Hannah Simon, an amazing woman on the College of Business' Young Alumni Board
  • On Thursday, Owens Corning sent me the details about my summer internship 
  • On Sunday, the University of Strasbourg offered a ski trip for 29 euros

1. Tuesday Talk

Hannah and me 

What's the Young Alumni Board you ask? Here, find out: CBA Young Alumni Board

Who's Hannah Simon, you ask? Here, let me tell you...
From one evening together, I can tell you Hannah is a highly motivated young professional who studied at EM Strasbourg in the pilot year of the Dual Degree Bachelors in European Management program, 2009. This is the same program which I'm currently enrolled in here in Strasbourg. 

 Hannah was back visiting friends throughout Europe with her boyfriend, Matt, and Strasbourg was obviously on their list. She emailed Dean Braun, looking to meet up with current students studying in Strasbourg. When Dean gave me her information, we made plans to grab dinner at Flam's with the other students from BGSU. We had an amazing dinner before heading to L'Artichaut, one of her old favorites in Petite-France. We had an amazing night, hitting up a number of old and new favorite places, and I know it was a night I'll never forget. 

A huge thank you to Hannah, Matt, Dean Braun, and my friends from BGSU who made this night what it was. It was such a unique opportunity to connect with the falcon community, and I loved getting these reminders of comforts from home while in my precious Strasbourg home.

2. Thursday Thoughts 

I'll be working at this building: OC's world headquarters located in Toledo

I actually landed my goal internship, and it's starting to feel real now. I have an official start and end date. I know my internship coordinators, and one of them is even a previous CBA Student Ambassador. It's less than three months away.

For about a year now, Owens Corning has been the company I want to explore opportunities with. 
When I started researching Owens Corning, the first thing that caught my eye was their partnership with Habitat for Humanity. As I was planning to intern with Habitat at the time, I figured this would be an interesting company to look into options with in the future. The more I learned about Owens Corning's sustainability initiatives and workplace culture, the more I appreciated this corporation. With the help of no less than three amazing professors, I quickly went to work to put myself on their radar.

It's a long story of meeting with recruiters at an SAP workshop and SCMA meetings, talking to students who interned before me, working with their supply chain teams on Habitat for Humanity build sites, interviewing at their corporate headquarters in Toledo, and scouring their website as well as various reviews to learn about this company I admire. 

Eventually, my efforts came to fruition. I was offered the opportunity to interview in August, a special option since they usually recruit interns from BGSU solely at the job fairs during the academic year. Before I even got home from Toledo, I received a call from the leader of my panel. He was happy to offer me the internship, and I would be receiving the contract via email in the following days. Can you say pumped?

Owens Corning internships rank in Vault's 50 Top Internships in the U.S. Ranking, and, although it's going to be a challenging summer, I look forward to the meaningful work they pride themselves in providing for their interns.

3. Sunday Ski Trip

Can you ski? Yes.
Oh, wait, no... snow ski or waterski? 
>>>Questions I don't have to ask anymore because I've finally been downhill skiing, 
and it was an AMAZING experience.<<<

Natalia and me
The University of Strasbourg has this awesome sports program called SUAPS. For ten euro I have access to a number of sports and outdoor activities to take advantage of all throughout the year. Some activities, like climbing and volleyball, are offered at certain hours throughout the week, so you just sign up for an open time slot and show up. Other activities, like skiing/snowboarding and sailing, are offered on the weekends for small fees. 

On Sunday, I got to go skiing for 29 euro. I had never been skiing before, but it didn't matter because this fee included small group instruction. This fee also included ski rental, transportation, and everything. 10/10 would recommend.

I started the afternoon by learning how to stop, and learning general turns. Then, we got to practice on the bunny hills without our sticks. The hardest part for me was definitely going up the tow line thingy... I probably looked like such an idiot because I fell on my first try. After our dinner break I "graduated" to the next group, so I got to go down a bigger slope. The first run was fun although painful because I definitely didn't understand how to make tight enough turns, and I was just going way too fast (and proceeding to fall pretty hard). The second run was much more enjoyable, and although I still fell once toward the bottom, I really felt comfortable on the skis. I completely understand why so many of my friends love skiing. 

Even though waterskiing is different, downhill skiing made me miss it a lot. I don't know if I miss it more because of the warmth I associate with it, or the fact that I'm actually pretty good at it compared to being brand new on the snow... either way, this Sunday made me want to get out at the lake. 

I hope you've enjoyed what I had to share this week! 

Tomorrow I'm off to Berlin (and Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, and Oslö). My travel documents (and study materials for an exam next week) are printed, and I'm definitely not even close to packed. What's new?

I have my passport sitting out on the counter though, does that count, Kelsey?

Love, Jules

"Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home" - Tyler Knott Gregson

P.S. I just returned from mentioned trip to Berlin, Copenhagen, Malmo, Stockholm, and Oslo. Despite a theft in a hostel that pretty thoroughly ruined a couple friends' days, we had an amazing time. These are cities in countries I never imaged reaching this year, and I'm feeling so elated that I got to see them.

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