Monday, March 20, 2017

Family Reunions

>>> Hello Family Reunions <<<

Last weekend my best friends from Bowling Green and I reunited in Ireland. It was an amazing weekend, and I can’t wait to share about it… In my next blog.

// Working from behind, as always, I want to share about a different reunion. Maybe an even sweeter reunion because these people were so fundamental to my love for this city I’ve spent a year of my life in. I’m talking about reunion in Strasbourg when over the course of two weekends, my dear friends Tomas, Aaron, Ana, and Francisca all came back to visit! //

In the month of March, many of my closest friends from last semester were able to come back to our city. My heart was so full! Introducing these dear friends to friends we’ve made this semester, and visiting our favorite Strasbourg places together was so perfect.

Citadelle Park with the pals

We definitely enjoyed the old favorites—Jimmy’s and Au Brasseur—and we also explored some new places, like Citadelle Park and the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. We laughed as we enjoyed old favorite drinks, snacks, and even ravioli, our go-to easy meal. Our time together was as fleeting as ever, but we made the most of every minute.

Pushing weight limits in my double nest hammock with Natalia and Kika

For me, this reunion was so important because it was a needed reminder that all of our friendships will long outlast that one fall semester in Strasbourg. This goes for not just the friends who were able to come visit, but all of my “Strasbourg Family” from the fall. When I got to see Tomàs, Aaron, Ana, and Francisca, each reunion felt so natural. Occasionally we got caught up reminiscing, but really we just spent our time making more sweet moments together. Just having everyone here to fill up my apartment, even just to sit around and do nothing together, was so nice; La Marne 415 feels a lot more like home that way. Plus, as silly as it sounds, I’ve really missed my affectionate friends. Face kiss greetings and salutations had become so routine that I really grew to miss them, so it was refreshing to return to that super social lifestyle where I couldn't escape the affection.

Wow. Wasn’t that time together perfect?

Strasbourg's weather was so good to us

A huge “thank you” to my friends who escaped their real life internships or demanding academic calendars to come home to spend time with me. We can’t all be on exchange forever. I know you made sacrifices to see me, and I appreciate it so much. I'm positive this isn't the last time we'll make sacrifices to see each other, and I can't wait to see where we can get together next. Brazil and Colombia make strong arguments, but the U.S. has a ton to offer as well. 

Goodbyes were still hard, but they’ve gotten so much easier as I’ve seen how sweet our friendships can remain even from afar. 

Thanks to everyone who read this for keeping up with my year abroad! Just 42 more days until I head home, and a bunch of exams and adventuring to squeeze in before I do!

Love, Jules
“Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home” –Tyler Knott Gregson
Also pumped because I'm going back to see Kika in Portugal before I go home

P.S. A separate shout-out goes to my friends who weren’t able to come back for these weekends of reunion.

      I know you all would’ve been here if you could’ve.

  • Clara, I love your love so much. Thank you for reaching out so often and so intentionally to keep “Euro Girls” close. Cheers to years of voice message week summaries, so we all stay updated on each others’ lives.
  • Floris, I hope you had an amazing birthday in Amsterdam this past weekend, and I hope you keep your head above water with your internship.
  • Joana, Portuguese Princesses were down one that weekend, and I was so aware of it every time I saw a dog on the street and didn’t have to restrain you. I miss you early.
  • Troy, I’ll see you when I see you in the states, and I’m glad I can count on endless snaps of your meals until then. It’s comforting to know I’ll come back to Ohio with a friend who knows how much Strasbourg means to me.

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